Low water pressure, more water saving:

In view of the generally low water pressure in China's residents, the product's installation water pressure is controlled at 0.09Mpa or more, while other brands need water pressure above 0.12Mpa to install and use.

Unique one-piece streamline design:

The bodies are all independent models, the appearance of a stylish personality, slim and simple, smooth and smooth surface of the product, the use of constant temperature water supply system is the only brand in the bathroom industry has this system. Constant mold cooling water temperature ensures that the product's appearance is beautiful and not easily deformed.

Strong R & D strength:

WeteMai's products are independently and independently completed from R&D to production. They are backed by Sakurai Science and Technology Group, a company that has nearly 20 years of experience in the production of sanitary ware and a national standard for smart toilets. Nano sterilization, 360-degree annular water, and siphon flushing system Designed around the special features of smart women, creating an international leading-edge smart toilet that meets the requirements of first-class water efficiency standards, which is convenient and healthy, and allows users to enjoy the private space where they lose their voices.

High quality accessories:

The core components of WeteMai products are global selection, quality and technology are international leading level.

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