Originated from the exploration of the world, the love of life

Jason was born in a family of baths. He used to play in his father's factory as a child, so he was very impressed with the scene of the factory's production. He often listened to parents saying that German manufacturing is world-class, especially the Germans' rigorous pursuit of craftsmanship. Jason's fascination with Germany, especially his fascination with the German manufacturing process, grew as he began to study the characteristics of Germany and its people. His parents were very strict with him and he began to accept him for overseas high-end education very early. Years of overseas study and global living make him full of curiosity about new things, love of life, and exploration of beauty. Extraordinary experience and vision, nurturement and family edification from childhood, so that he has the will and taste different from ordinary people, the pursuit of a perfect life.

Immersive love

By chance, Jason met his girlfriend and they soon fell in love. The girlfriend taught him a lot, including love. But it wasn't long before Jason would return to Germany. He feared that his girlfriend was upset and he would not dare to talk about the itinerary. But he was pleased that his girlfriend was very supportive of him. In an overseas video, he noticed the abnormality of his girlfriend. The original girlfriend suffered a knee injury because of an accident. Many daily tasks such as going to the bathroom and bathing have become very difficult. His girlfriend did not want him to worry about concealment, but he was still careful to find out. Jason was very sad and worried but he was powerless. A very firm and daring idea emerged from the time when I could help. "I want to create a product that she can be well cared for even when I'm not here, keep her graceful, and let her be the best of herself, and the brand name of this product is called Income."

Responsibility To do it best

Jason said that he will do his job and use his resources and technology in Germany to do his best. In order to make the product more fashionable, he went to Italy's design capital to investigate, integrated the world's most cutting-edge fashion elements and design concepts, to create a smart toilet that is both stylish and comfortable and has intelligent human nature. Wisdom is because he knows that his girlfriend's special period needs special care, so he has set up personalized functions such as special protection during menstruation and soft care during pregnancy. Taking into account that his girlfriend will not only become a child's mother, but also slowly grow old, different needs of different periods, so Kemei products continue to upgrade wisdom, and strive to perfect.

Tackling everything in humans

Jason's perfect pursuit of the product made R&D personnel complain. However, Jason did not give up or will, in order to solve the toilet lid design that can meet the aromatherapy function and maintain the ultra-thin streamline, Jason travels around the world day and night to find a solution. In order to make the product more wise and human, the design of voice features does not hesitate to spend a lot of time and energy to research, just to allow Income to bring her a perfect experience since its inception. After experiencing all sorts of difficulties, he finally realized that the best love is to help her solve the problem and make her comfortable and elegant.

Birth is not just a toilet but a close companion

Like founder Jason, Wete Mai, from the moment she was born, accepted the mission of making life better and giving her the best love. At the same time, it also allows more people to live better, more comfortable and more elegant. Everyone loves beautiful things. It is believed that soon, WeteMai will become a symbol of love like a diamond. WeteMai is the closest partner to love, family, and self.

WeteMai: Knowing life better understands you
WeteMai: Love makes life more elegant
Behind every product of WeteMai is the love of the founder's wife. The design of each product's function stems from the perception of life. For those who are pursuing a high quality of life, you know how to love yourself even in the most private bathroom space. You can also enjoy the beautiful melody of waltz and taste the most mellow wine in Bordeaux oak barrels. WeteMai's latest aromatherapy function and music player can realize all your expectations of the bathroom space.

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