Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you very much for your attention and love for WeteMai. I am honored to share with you the WeteMai brand story.

WeteMai is the “child” that I and my wife created together for love. She is not only the witness of our love, but also our expectation and yearning for a new life. The long distance love makes it impossible for me to take care of my wife. The original intention of creating this product is to solve the problems and inconveniences encountered in her life. Now, I think this care is worth passing, and we also hope that we will love this together. Passed to the loved ones around us.

WeteMai, a combination of German Weil, Technik, and Mai (May). Germany has a traditional special holiday "May Tree" Festival, which is the largest festival in the town of Grasse in southeastern Bavaria. People use various garlands, signs and ribbons to decorate the "May Tree", symbolizing the good signs of the year and the expectation for a better life. It is precisely because of this that I used it as our brand name and translated the Chinese name into “Income,” which means that life has become more beautiful because of science and technology. This is also the concept of smart lifestyle that we advocate.

Our mission is: We are committed to passing on the German century-old bathroom craftsmanship and creating an internationally leading intelligent toilet brand. As an innovative company based on user experience, we hope to bring our children WeteMai to the world with the wisdom of thinking and humane care, so that more people feel the charm of WeteMai and bring the ultimate experience.

By Jason. Huang

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